The Carefree Community History


The Carefree Senior Community was established in 1993 by Jerry Mogren and his son Bruce. Jerry spent his entire life in the North St. Paul - Maplewood area. He was very active and generous in the community. Jerry especially had a warm place in his heart for senior citizens. He spent most Sunday afternoons at the Maplewood Care Center serving the residents apple pies, White Castle burgers or whatever else he decided to bring that day. Jerry loved senior citizens and the seniors loved him back.


Jerry had a dream to create a community for seniors that was safe, warm and affordable. When the current location became available, it was like a dream come true. The senior residents would be surrounded by acres of Ramsey County open space. Wildlife of all sorts could be viewed from many of the living units and from the spacious Community Center.


The residents could enjoy nature and yet walk only a block to a bus stop, groceries, restaurants and most any service they might need. Residents could keep their independence whether they drove a car or not.


Jerry and Bruce worked together to design and build 263 housing units. There are 153 “cottages” or town homes and 110 apartment units located in the “Chateau Building”. Over 90% of our units qualify for federal affordable housing rental rates. Carefree is a great combination of superb location plus affordable rents.


The Carefree Community is also enhanced by a vibrant social life including movie night, bingo, birthday celebrations, volunteer opportunities, aerobics and a wellness center. The entire Carefree Community invites you to tour our property, talk to residents and hopefully become part of the Carefree family.






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